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New audio talk: “The Terra Firma Academy”

  Life can be both a difficult challenge and an incredible adventure! In this engaging talk, we teach youth that with premortal instincts, loving Heavenly Parents, and lots of help from divine sources on earth, our lives can and will be wonderful success stories! Brother Bernards shares several important tips in this spiritual survival guide […]

2017 South Bay Youth Conference – “The Terra Firma Academy”

Have you every really wondered where you came from, and why you’re here? What if I told you that you’ve been dropped into a sort of celestial boarding school, and you have incredible gifts waiting for you if you can return with high marks? Consider this a ‘survival guide’ to help you make it through […]

2017 South Bay Youth Conference – “Temple Prep for Teens”

Learning the forgotten language of scriptural symbolism can completely change how we view religious art, architecture, and the scriptures themselves. Here is an introductory primer into reading symbols long forgotten. Download the slide deck here Slides originally used in a presentation at the LDS South Bay Youth Conference in East San Jose, CA.  

New Talk – 2017 Youth Theme “Don’t Forget to A.S.K.”

I’m thrilled to announce a new talk available for download, all about the 2017 youth theme (James 1:5), titled “Don’t Forget to A.S.K”. Here’s the description from LDS Talks for Teens: “This talk is a GREAT resource for the 2017 youth theme! For those who “lack wisdom” (James 1:5) and feel that getting answers to […]

South Bay Youth Conference – Youth Night Devotional and Q+A

    In preparation for the San Jose 2017 multi-stake Youth Conference, we put together a little evening devotional and Q+A session for the youth. The goal was for them to be introduced to themes and ideas that would be addressed at the conference, get them excited to attend, and lay the groundwork for future […]

New Beginnings In Christ

  A while back I was training for a long race. Had a lot of time to ponder when out pounding the pavement. I learned a few things along the way, and kept seeing the spiritual parallels; every truth I found through hard work and sweat seemed to apply to both my physical and Gospel-centered […]

Tree of Life

Legends talk of trees somehow thriving in impossible conditions and bearing fruit for not only those who planted it but their children’s children’s children. Their roots ran deep. Past the sand and rocks. Deep enough to find living water, hidden beyond sight of the caretakers. And their roots worked together to survive, sending up shoots […]

EFY 2016: Looking Back

“So what are you going to be teaching them this time?” Every year I get that question, and every year the answer is different. “Not sure yet!” I smile and shrug. “Gonna have to pray and figure that out.” That’s part of the magic that is the EFY experience, as a teacher. We’re not given […]

New Book: “Faith and a Life Jacket”

I’m thrilled to finally announce my latest book, “Faith and a Life Jacket: Seven Truths for Your Eternal Mission”! This is #missionaryprep for the millennial generation I’ve been longing to tell these stories for years. What started out as a simple presentation to my seminary students has grown into a full-blown mission prep class at EFY […]

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