Conversation: “Are we justified in ‘hating’…?”


He wrote: “Are we justified in hating Satan? When Jesus tells us to love our enemies are there any exceptions? Should we hate or pity our fallen brother? Does he enjoy our hatred? Is he beyond the atonement or is the atonement truly infinite?”

My response:

“You know, I don’t really hate him. I’m annoyed by him. I’m frustrated by him, and I get tired of his efforts.

But that’s because I’m annoyed by myself. I’m frustrated by myself. And I get tired of my own failures.

In my mind, He does little more than hold up a mirror to our souls and invites us to reflect on the darkness we see inside…and then magnify it. And then it not only becomes large enough to occupy our own minds and thoughts, but then we start projecting those qualities onto those around us.

Any darkness we see in him or anyone else…any failure, pride, pain, or flaw that we identify in others, is likely nothing more than a reflection of the failure or flaw we are already aware of in ourselves.

Perhaps hating the other doesn’t really exist…perhaps there is only hating the self.

I suspect that is why, at some future point when he is bound and powerless (because we have all learned how to see through the mirror and focus on the light of the Savior), we’ll look at Lucifer through narrowed, disbelieving eyes, and proclaim “is THIS the man that shook the nations?”

And we’ll have pity and sorrow for him, and for ourselves, for having ever hearkened to him.”

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