D&C #36 – The Desert Shall Blossom


Brigham Young enters the Salt Lake valley

“We have been kicked out of the frying-pan into the fire, out of the fire into the middle of the floor, and here we are and here we will stay. God has shown me that this is the spot to locate His people, and here is where they will prosper. . . . I have the grit in me and will do my duty anyhow.”  Brigham Young


Points to Ponder

  • What principles can be learned from their efforts to build a new Zion?
  • How was the Salt Lake settlement different from previous attempts
  • What parallels do we see in their pioneering lives and ours?
  • How did their early foundational choices bring them closer to Christ, and set the course for others to do likewise?

Material Shared in Class

Class Member Study Guide

Lesson #36 – Slideshow

Lesson #36 – Teacher’s Notes

Joseph Smith, on creating our own heaven…

Brigham Young, on the same…


Additional Material

Mormon Newsroom | The People Who Built a Temple

Daughters of the Utah Pioneers

LDS.org | Searchable database of pioneer companies

BYU.edu | History and design of the Salt Lake Temple

Video: “The Mountain of the Lord”






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