D&C #40 – “Finding Joy in Temple Work”


“And I beheld the temple was filled with angels.” I believe deceased prophets of all dispensations visit the temples. Those who attend the temple will feel their strength and companionship. We will not be alone in the house of the Lord.” 

– Joseph Smith,  History of the Church, 2:428

Points to Ponder

  • Why do we go to temples?
  • What is it that drives so many people, across so many cultures, to construct sacred edifices in their attempt in reach Deity?
  • How are the living benefitted from worshipping God on behalf of the dead?
  • How does visiting the Temple make us better?
  • Why does doing work on behalf of the Dead bring you closer to them? How does it bring you closer to God?
  • How is God revealed to you not only from Temple worship, but from striving to be worthy to receive His revelations?
  • In what ways does preparing for and worshipping in the Temple symbolize reversing The Fall of Adam and Eve?

Material Shared in Class

Class Member Study Guide

Rediscovering the plans for the Nauvoo Temple

Symbology – Priesthood Offices in the Salt Lake Temple

Final thoughts:
“Perhaps some of the reasons why we build temples are 3 fold:

    • God Invites Sacrifice of Man – He asks us to witness our devotion and faith
    • God Bestows Knowledge to Man – He grants knowledge and understanding through multiple layers of symbolism and insight
    • God Enables Transformation of Man – He empowers us with the ability to become new creatures over time. 
    • That transformation is the entire point of human existence – the ability to better ourselves. The absence of such a power to change invokes some of the most terrifying imagery in all of scripture…the pains of ****, wherein we are ‘****ed’, or stopped, and all progress ceases.”
    • “…The Temple is the peak. Obedience is the climb. And Transformation is the reward.”


Additional Material

Maxwell Institute | Approaches to studying about the Tower of Babel

Neal Brunson | “Reversing the Fall” 

BYU Journeys | Virtual Tour of the Salt Lake Temple

Encyclopedia of Mormonism | “Temples”

DesNews.com | Symbolism of the Salt Lake Temple

LDS.org | “Why we build temples”

OneClimbs.com | “Sacred silence and the mysteries of God”

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