D&C Lesson 33: The Succession


“If the people want President Rigdon to lead them they may have him: but I say unto you that the Quorum of the Twelve have the keys of the kingdom of God in all the world. The Twelve are appointed by the finger of God. Here is Brigham, have his knees ever faltered? Have his lips ever quivered? Here is Heber and the rest of the Twelve, and independent body who have the keys of the priesthood – the keys of the kingdom of God to deliver to all the world: this is true, so help me God. They stand next to Joseph, and are as the First Presidency of the Church.”

Brigham Young, to the assembled quorums and members on the “Succession Crisis”,
Nauvoo, IL, 8 August 1844


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“President Young Leads the Saints”

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