EFY 2013 – Firm in the Faith



Had the wonderful opportunity to spend time with kids in Provo, UT 3A and Twin Falls, ID SAH sessions this year. Spent probably a good 6 months prior pondering what I should say. I think the most rewarding part of the experience is to meet kids afterwards and learn that they heard something they’d been hoping for and received a message / comfort that they really needed to hear. Glad to hear that the True Teacher was able to reach them that week.

Here is what we shared:


“Tuning In”
Feeling and Recognizing the Spirit


Tools for seeing through Satan’s temptations


"The Terra Firma Academy" A story about a wealthy uncle...with a special twist.

“The Terra Firma Academy”
A story about a wealthy uncle…with a special twist.

"Burned Out" For those times when you feel like you just can't go any further.

“Burned Out”
For those times when you feel like you just can’t go any further.


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