In Praise Of Scriptural Wanderlust


“Why don’t we talk about these things anymore? How could something this insightful have fallen off the radar and been pushed out of our study circles?” she asked, dumbfounded.

I paused for a moment in my reading, trying to come up with a good answer while she finished brushing her teeth. Every few nights I’d been reading to her from High Nibley’s An Approach to the Book of Mormon, blowing our minds a bit at a time as we learned more about the background and culture of the middle east centuries ago.

“Can you believe this was THE official Priesthood study manual in the 50s? This thing reads like a university textbook, complete with all the study questions and everything!” I said, flipping through the pages. We had just finished the chapter that explained how the story of Laban in the Book of Mormon portrays him as the quintessential Jewish general, of noble blood, aligned with the Egyptian aristocracy, and doomed to perish with the rest of the Jerusalem nobles when their alliance with Egypt failed against the invading Babylonians.

“I know, that’s what I can’t figure out!” she continued. “This level of dialogue, this depth of study, this is what we need! Why am I only hearing about this decades after the fact?”


Read the rest of this Guest Blog post over at the Sarcastic Molly Mormon. And check out her site. It’s legit. 



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