New Talk – 2017 Youth Theme “Don’t Forget to A.S.K.”

I'm thrilled to announce a new talk available for download, all about the 2017 youth theme (James 1:5),
titled "Don't Forget to A.S.K".

Here's the description from LDS Talks for Teens:

"This talk is a GREAT resource for the 2017 youth theme! For those who "lack wisdom" (James 1:5) and feel that getting answers to prayers is sometimes frustrating or difficult, Brother Ben Bernards can help! In this enjoyable and inspiring talk, Brother Bernards shares three related ways we can more meaningfully (and successfully!) approach the throne of God for the wisdom we seek, instead of casually "texting God from the curb." Using personal stories, analogies, poetry, and examples from the life of Joseph Smith, Brother Bernards provides great material for discussions between youth and their parents and leaders about prayer, revelation, and the 2017 youth theme. The sum of Brother Bernards' counsel to those who lack wisdom is, "DON'T FORGET TO A.S.K.!" Come learn what he means!


Big thanks to LDS Talks for Teens and Tomi Hill for helping bring this production to life. 


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