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Building one great talk out of another

  A young friend recently wrote the following: “My bishop asked me to give a talk based on John B Dickson’s talk, “Commitment to the Lord”. I’ve studied it, watched it, and read it several times but I’m having trouble actually converting it into a talk… (This is actually my first real talk, as I was inactive the […]

Conversation: “Are we justified in ‘hating’…?”

He wrote: “Are we justified in hating Satan? When Jesus tells us to love our enemies are there any exceptions? Should we hate or pity our fallen brother? Does he enjoy our hatred? Is he beyond the atonement or is the atonement truly infinite?” My response: “You know, I don’t really hate him. I’m annoyed […]

Conversation: “7,000 years?…”

He wrote: “Recently I’ve been reading through D&C, and came across Section 77, the section which clarifies the sometimes incomprehensible issues in Revelations. In verses 6 and 7, it states that earth’s “continuance, or its temporal existence” is 7,000 years. I read that just a couple of days ago, and today saw a particular article […]

Building a solid lesson

A friend of mine was the Sunday School President in his ward. He asked me about the process I went through to build engaging lessons and presentations, so I sent him the following. “Well, first off, I started with several assumptions: The class members have already heard that lesson before, and it was likely unmemorable.  […]

To John, on his Baptism day

A few months ago I lost my wedding ring. Well, technically I didn’t lose the ring…I’d lost a little bit of weight and my ring didn’t fit anymore. One day in the bathroom it just fell right off my hand and I scrambled like a Hobbit after my precious to keep it from going down […]

6 Goals for Gospel Doctrine

Early this year I was asked to be the teacher for the Gospel Doctrine class in my ward. We have an eclectic bunch of members here – wide spectrum of age groups, many new converts, lots of old stalwarts, and a wonderfully diverse array of backgrounds, interests, and experience. I wanted to approach the class […]

Presentation : “Burned Out”

We’ve all been there…feeling like we just want to give up, sit it out, walk it off, and let it all go. We’ve all fallen, and some of us are just so tired of trying to get back up again. So let’s talk about how we got there and how Christ’s grace can help us […]

Presentation : “The Terra Firma Academy”

I have a crazy rich uncle. He made his money by surviving a long grueling stint at the Terra Firma Academy, where the classes are insanely difficult, your classmates can be your best friends AND your worst enemies, and almost all communication with family is cut off. And there’s a twist that every new freshman […]

Presentation : “Counterfeits”

  Even the smartest people can be fooled by a clever counterfeit. And crooks won’t bother trying imitate the cheap stuff….they’d rather go for the things of the highest value. No surprise, then, that the Enemy of our Soul tempts us daily with counterfeits. In this interactive presentation we’ll discuss ways to detect counterfeit intimacy […]

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