Temple Prep for Teens

The following presentation was recently shared at Especially For Youth at Orem Stay-at-Home 2016.

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  1. You taught this at the Napa Youth Conference and, let me tell you, I was absolutely blown away! Keep up the spectacular work!

    • Hi Leila!

      I’m glad you liked it. We had a great time at the Napa Youth Conference; be sure to holler if you’d like another visit.

      All my best,

  2. hey! I heard this class last summer at EFY in Provo and absolutely loved it! I’m now going to be sharing some of these same points with all the priests and laurels in my stake in a class I’m teaching!

  3. You’re lesson was great! We are on a temple trip in Utah right now, and at the visitors center he asked what the circles and squares meant on the balcony and I had a full description of what it meant and everyone in the room was like what the heck how’d you know that. I also talked about what 40 meant when he asked and I also talked about 8 people on the ark. Its a lot of fun to know stuff about temples!

  4. One of my Mia Maids was so excited about your presentation at EFY in Provo a few weeks ago. Our visit to the temple last week was eye opening for her because of what she had learned from you.
    I’m wondering if there is narration with this presentation? I’d love to hear your explanations as I watch the slides.
    Thank you for what you’ve done to help my sweet girl, and so many others.

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